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A Short History:



Since my early years in High School, cars were always an interest of mine. I had a (much older) friend that had a collection of cars including Straight-Eight Buicks, Electras and Rivieras, a ’36 Dodges, a very rare Itala and an even rarer 1928 Crossley, a couple of Lincolns, Mercedes, a late ‘60’s Cougar XR7 and even a P1800s Volvo, just to name a few.

I used to drive his cars to car shows so he could collect the badges that were on offer for display vehicles. Swap meets became a weekly ritual and “Bendigo” was an annual pilgrimage that I looked forward to. And so began my passion for cars – Veteran, Vintage, Classic, Sports Cars, any car.



In 1978 while I was at College, I heard of a car in a Tow Truck Yard. I rolled up to find a run-down vintage car buried in fruit crates and bits of other car panels resting over the top of it. The 1929 Chrysler “65” looked something like the car out of the “Beverley Hillbillies”. It was painted with a leafy green house paint that was applied with a brush. The canvas roof was painted in “tar” to seal out the weather.



The car owner had suffered a heart attack while driving the car and ran into a ditch. The “nice” tow-truck driver offered to get the car out of the ditch for him, take it to the towing yard, and even repair the broken wooden spoked wheel. They then hit him with a bill for $2,500 for being “nice” to him and his car !



The 78 year old old-timer refused to pay the pay the bill. He thought they were helping him and did not realise it was a commercial deal. The towing yard could not collect the money from him and could not dispose of the car. I stepped in and organised a deal. I paid the owner for the car and came to a deal with the towing company. The car cost me $1,000. It was still registered with a Victorian Heritage Plate. The number : VIC 25.362.



I stripped the car and began a “chassis up” restoration, but being at college, ran out of time and sold the car to someone that could do it justice and restore it to its former glory.



And so began my obsession with cars. Since then there’s been a number of times I’ve come across different opportunities where I thought “I could do this better”, but, for whatever reason, never took the challenge. Now I have the opportunity once again: I have the time, and with years of experience behind me, it’s time to take the plunge and say “Yes, We Can !”



I bought my first MG in 1982, a 1972 Grenadier Green hard-top GT. I refurbished the interior and repainted it “Midnight Black”. It wasn’t the thing to do at the time, almost sacrilege, to alter the original detail of the car, but I loved it. It was a pleasure to drive. But alas it is no more; written off when I was side swiped by an out of control Falcon drag racing down a busy Melbourne street.



I have longed for another MG since those days, and when the opportunity arose, I bought one, then another, and another, and on it went!  MG Traders Pty Ltd began as a means of buying cheap parts at trade prices to restore the MGB’s. I was also able to supply friends of mine that were in the same situation with cheaper parts when it came to restoring or maintaining their cars.



I’ve had the usual hassles finding the car at the right price; finding genuine parts without being ripped-off; finding a good old-time mechanic that knew what he was doing; a good body shop that  understood the finish I wanted; even a good exhaust shop – one that didn’t ask me whether I wanted a loud or quite car, but one that knew the way an MG was supposed to “sound” when it had a genuine Lukey system fitted.



So, having been there and done that, it’s time to share and have as many car enthusiasts involved in sharing the wealth of knowledge out there, whether it’s putting a car up for sale and targeting a specific market, buying or selling collectable memorabilia like car club badges, chatting with a community of fellow car lovers, collectors and enthusiasts about their experiences or anything else.



Is not just a gimmick. It has a reason for being and I hope it succeeds with your help.


Kind Regards,



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Click here to post your comments and they will be added to the forum board.

Posted: 10/03/09

Can anyone identify the following body ?

It appears to have 60's shaped but is fitted out to take a V8

If you have any ideas, please contact me via the "Contact Us" Button below.

Thank you to the many motoring enthusiasts that identified the car as a JFW Mialano. An Aussie built track and club vehicle from around the late '60s and early '70's.


Body 1
Click to Enlarge Image
Body 3
Body 2
Click to Enlarge Image
Body 4

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I just wanted to say that, as a history teacher, I have been using your page about classic cars and automobile clubs (http://www.mgtraders.com.au/Car Club links.htm) for my classes. My students, especially the boys haha, love the lesson plans I do about "American Culture" and car history.


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